Worried about overstaying ESTA.

I have 4 days left on my ESTA visa and my partner and I are getting married before it expires on the 17th of this month (last minute decision but we are both so happy). I should be all excited for our wedding but instead I am worrying about what will happen when my ESTA expires. I definitely won't have all my AOS paperwork done by the 17th (when my ESTA expires) and I know its unlikely anything will happen in the few weeks it takes me to finish it all but i am still really worried.

How likely is it that i would get deported or something during the time between my esta expiry and when i file my AOS paperwork? I put my boyfriends address on my esta application as my us point of contact so i am worried since they know where we live they might just show up to the house or something? What should i do (if anything)?

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