When can I enter the US on an L1 Visa

Last week I received back my passport with an approved L1B visa. I received an NIE which I was not expecting. On my I-129S form it has an approved date of the 3rd of September and a validity date of the 2nd of September 2021 - 1st of September 2024. On the second page it says that my proposed start date is the 18th of November (this is my fuck up, it should have stated the 18th of October). It has been brought to my attention by my relocation officer that I may not enter the US until 10 days before my start date, can anyone advise on this? I had already agreed with recruiter that my new start date would now be the 25th of October.

After doing some research online it states that I can enter the country only 10 days before the start date on my I-797 form (which states 20th of November 2018). No idea why it's this date.

I have flights booked for next Wednesday the 22nd of September as I wanted to quarantine and get settled in before I start work. No one stated to me that I can only arrive 10 days before my start date. Can you please advise if I am okay to travel, if not can you please advise when I can travel.

Any help here is appreciated, thanks.

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