We're starting a business and would like to hire an international employee. How realistic is it?

(Apologies if this isn't the ideal sub for this question, please point me in the right direction if that is the case)

Several of my college friends and I are in the process of officially beginning a company, and one of those friends lives in Singapore (has French/Singaporean citizenship).

We all went to art school together and have been making games, comics, and d&d adventures as a group since meeting. As far as I'm aware, to hire a non-citizen as your employee/get them a work visa they have to have a relevant degree to the position. (Let me know if there's more nuance to this, I'm trying to do research on it all but to be honest I'm finding it confusing) Our friend's degree is a BFA in Illustration and they did a large number of projects and classes related to the creation and management of games both digital and traditional. Their importance to our group is beyond quantifying, and they're officially our project manager and producer. They also provide 2d art assets as well.

As a result, it would be so much better for us as a group to have them in the country, and since we're in the process of making all of this legally official, hired as an employee. Is this at all feasible? Is there a minimum requirement of incoming money we'd have to meet? If it is doable, how long does the process typically take? Thanks so much.

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