Waiting for L2 EAD

Hi all,

My husband and I shifted to US in March and I applied for L2 EAD (I-765) on 8th March in California centre. Presently the wait times are 6-14 month in California service centre and it has been only 6 months for me.

It would be great if anyone could help me with the below questions:

  • My first concern is that will this gap have negative impact on my resume when I start applying for jobs ? I have a masters degree from India along with 5years work experience in Cisco and Oracle in India.
  • Should I start looking in getting enrolled in any academic courses here like in SJSC? As I have misses the fall enrolment window I guess whatever course I will take will be in summer. Will it be worth it?

I don't have much understanding of the present tech job market. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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