Visa appointment next year

So a couple of years back mytourist visa got cancelled (long story short: but I basically wasn't even present during the whole ordeal, my mom had issues with trying to renew hers, so when she attempted again she went with my dad and sister, and she took my own visa without telling me, all to show we were going as a family and such. But they cancelled all of our visas then and there, even though I was over 18 then and wasn't present).

Now a friend of my parents is encouring me to get a visa, he offered me an intership with him basically cause he saw my potential or whatever to help him out with his business. We were going to aim for a internship or work visa, but both require having to have studied in the field and already work experience or whatever. So it doesn't apply to me, I only graduated high school. So tourist visa it is, either way I'd prefer the tourist. It's been almost 4 years since I've travel for vacation and I miss that. So if I stay for a week with him for meetings, etc. and enjoy a few days of shopping it's perfect!

Now my question here is what should I say on my interview? Will they ask me about why my visa was cancelled? Cause I honestly have no clear idea, my mom is very much a pathological liar and everytime I asked her what happened she changes the story... Also should I mention the business meetings? I would never stay over in the US more than a week, I have a life here. I have a job, a car, an apartment, and my cat!

I also must add I have an American boyfriend, we don't plan to be together anytime soon cause of financial issues, covid and basically I am yet to meet him and his family, and his family if full of people in the military and police people so I'd never do anything that would be illegal and such, and I like my clena record :))). I am guessing I shouldn't mention in the interview that I have a bf. I heard they get very judgy for that.

Am asking for suggestions about the right thing to say during an interview, cause it so happens when I'm nervous my head goes blank and being prepared would really help me. I have never done anything illegal in Mexico or in the US. Last time I went to the US was in 2017, the year after was the whole ordeal with my mom. And I didn't need a visa until now.

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