US immigration visa E-21

(Sorry for my mistake on the title. Type of visa is EB-2 NIW.) My family and I had an interview last Friday for our immigration visa. It has been over two years since we’d waited and we were excited to finally go to the United States. We applied for visa EB-2 (NIW) and we thought if the primary applicant receives a visa then all the family members get theirs as well.

However, the result was utterly unexpected. My dad (primary applicant), my brother, and I got our visas but my mom didn’t. The consul handed a blue letter saying that she needs more time to review my mom's document. We were planning immigrating altogether as a family and we were staggered after our interview.

What we are assuming is that it's because of her past visa that got rejected. A few years ago she applied for a visa but got rejected and received an email from the embassy that her case was sent to USCIS. Her case wasn't revoked by the time we had our interview. Could it be resolved if she requests a revocation? Or could it be because of her application for ESTA when her past visa was under review? (she didn't know she shouldn't have done it)

We never heard nor saw anyone whose family gets partially approved and denied (unless it involved a crime). How can they just separate a family who were planning immigrating together?? Would they accept an appeal saying that we have to move as a family? How long does it usually take to review an EB-2 NIW visa and reapprove?

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