Travel to USA from Canada with withdrawn charge.

Good day all,

I am a few months away from hopefully joining the CAF as an officer in a position which will probably require frequent travel to USA for training, etc.

As an 18 year old at college I was charged with obstructing a peace officer. The charged were withdrawn through a diversion program after some counselling and a few hours of community service and I have a document here from the courtroom proving that there was NO finding of guilt and NO conviction at all (it wasn’t a discharge either). I even had all the files and everything destroyed and confirmed there’s nothing on my CPIC.

I posted here a few years back and didn’t get a concrete answer so I’m wondering if any serving CBP or CBSA officers on here (if there are any) can shed light.

Will I be stopped and turned away for this? I have my court documents proving charges were withdrawn, and I also have a clean vulnerable sector check from the RCMP. There is no other documentation I can provide.

I’ve crossed the border a bunch of times since then even when my info was on CPIC and I was never questioned or asked about the charges.

And yes, I will be honest if asked. Is this grounds to be turned away?

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