TN Management Consultant Visa rejected at rainbow bridge - advice?

Hey Reddit,

I had a TN rejected at rainbow bridge the other day. I'm a management consultant (have been for 5 years) and need the TN to work consult on product strategy for a US entity - it's in my mind a textbook consulting project.

The border guard who read my application rejected it because he thought that the job description was too 'hands on' for a management consultant role. When I re-read the application, I realized that my employer copy and pasted an old job description (for a different but similar job) and used it to describe my role. In this job description, there was one line that said something to the effect of "Manage resources to execute project" (which is NOT what a consultant does and NOT what I will be doing).

I did a huge *face palm* and kicked myself for not reading this more closely before going... but now I'm in a pickle as I re-apply. My employer has corrected the documentation but I am SO afraid that this will look suspicious, as if the employer has 'doctored' my job description to be more aligned with what the CBP officer wants to see.

The lawyers assigned to me for this don't have a good answer for how I handle this when I return to Rainbow Bridge. Reddit, if anyone is out there - when asked why the job descriptions are different now, should I just explain exactly what happened (employer error)? How can I do this without raising more suspicion?

Thanks y'all!

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