Recovering US Residency

I was born in Peru and was a legal US resident from age 7 to 14. When I was 14 years old, my mom decided to come back to Peru to try to recover the family we had with my dad, that didn't work unfortunately and I didn't think it would, but even though I begged her that I wanted to stay in the US, I had no one to stay with and was forced to come with her. I haven't gone back to the states since, but I still have my old green card and social security number.

My mom is still a resident because she has gone back and forth a few times, but I haven't gone to the US at all since I left. I am now 27 years old (it's been over 13 years since I left) and trying to recover my residency or start from scratch and would like some guidance on what I need to do. I do not have any sort of criminal record and if I need to start from scratch, my mom can sponsor me. I mainly wanted some direction on what type of forms I would need to fill out to get started and what I need to present to the US embassy.

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