Re-entry in the US - 10.5 years after denied entry

Attempting Reentry to the USA - after 10.5 years

Almost 11 years ago I was denied entry to the USA from Canada (I'm Canadian)

I was crossing a border with a friend who happened to be older than me. I look quite young, I'm gay and so is my friend.

Even though I had proof that I was just visiting, initially the border guards just turned me away saying I needed to get more proof that I would be returning to Canada. I was going for a yoga retreat in New Mexico.

But then things got ugly. I was sequestered and questioned for over 6 hours, separated from my friend, and eventually accused of being a prostitute that he was trying to smuggle across the border!

Unbeknownst to me, my friend (who is American) had been looking for a sex worker while he was visiting Montreal, which they discovered searching his phone.

They assumed I was said sex worker and after 6 hours of grilling me and demanding I fess up to it, I was tired and angry and scared and coerced into admitting that I'd given a massage in exchange for money at some point in my past. Which I hadn't. One of the biggest mistakes in my life. This was incredibly traumatic and I haven't even wanted to go back to the USA since.

After being denied entry on grounds of "moral turpitude" I was told I'd only be allowed to reenter with a waiver and sent on my way back to Canada. I seem to remember one of the border guards saying something about this becoming null after 10 years?

All of the information I find online about this is so confusing and doesn't pertain to me. I have never been convicted of a crime, have never been in trouble with the law here in Canada, and have a job, a home, a partner, and am a respected member of our community.

I'm now 37 years old and want to travel to the US again but am a bit concerned about the process.

Do I still need to apply for a waiver? I don't need a pardon, because I've never committed a crime. Is there a date on which the "charge" is no longer applicable? Any information is greatly appreciated and I'm happy to answer questions! Thank you!

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