Re-entering the US after having filed for I-539 extension during the previous visit

Last year, my Mother visited the US beginning second week of February, 2020. Like many we were unaware of the enormity of COVID.

She was supposed to travel back in April. However, since flights to India were suspended she could not leave the US by mid August (the date on the I-94 stamping). I had filed for her I-539 extension of stay 50 days prior to the dat eon I-94 stamp, so that she could continue staying legally.

She left the United States in the first week of September , 2020 which was around 3 weeks after the I-94 date.

The biometric appointment notice for the I-539 application was received on 30 January, 2021. However, since she had already left I did not pursue the case further.

Now she plans to re-enter the US. I wanted to understand if there would be any issues with her re-entry?

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