Question regarding OPT Eligibility

I have a question regarding Post-Completion OPT

One of the requirements for OPT eligibility is "You may apply to participate in pre-completion OPT after you have been lawfully enrolled on a full-time basis for one full academic year at a college, university, conservatory, or seminary that has been certified by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) to enroll F-1 students." I'm not sure this applies for Post-Completion OPT but I do see this requirement in my school's website under Post-Completion OPT page.

My college offers a fast-track program that allows students to get undergrad and graduate degrees in 5 years or less (by allowing students to take graduate courses while in undergrad). I did my undergrad in 4 years (enrolled as full time student in all semesters) and I'm currently in my first full-time semester as Masters student. Since I took most of my Master classes while I was in undergrad, I might be able to graduate this semester with masters degree. This means I technically only enrolled in 1 semester as a full-time student for Masters program.

My question is, does this full time requirement applies to all the time I spent at a U.S. university (including my undergraduate and graduate semesters) or just my graduate semesters? If it just my graduate semesters, then I think I'm not eligible for OPT because I only did 1 full semester.

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