O1 Stamp Without an NIE

Hello fellow aliens,

My O1-B petition was approved in July through sponsorship with my lawyer and employer. I don't work in critical infrastructure and my case for an NIE is... thin at best. I am attempting to get my stamp at the Milan (Italy) Consulate if that matters. I do see they have appointments available.

Do I need to also apply for an NIE to get my passport stamped? Can I just apply for the O1 without applying for the NIE?

And on that note, is trying the NIE worth it? Will it hurt my chances of getting my O1 stamped if I don't qualify?

I need to return to the dreaded Schengen area for medical reasons and am scared of being stuck there. My employer intends on keeping me on payroll, so that will be fine, but I'm just scared that if I end up overseas for a very long time the Consulate will be suspicious of me returning (even though they are ones holding us hostage right now lol)

Any insights welcome! Thank you!

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