My dad was recently deported, and he wants me to petition for him?

Hey everyone. Back in June, my father was deported back to Jamaica. He was born and raised there. I'm 15 years old, and was born in America. So, in turn, my dad wants me to petition for him when I turn 21. The thing is, I barely know my dad. He left when I was 3, and that's when my family moved to Alaska, while he stayed in Florida, knocking up other girls, causing me to have three more half-siblings (which I love dearly and consider them full siblings anyway).

I've had phone calls with him over the years, and before he went to prison, I visited him in person (I was about 7 or 8, so the memory is really foggy) He went to prison when I was 10, and served time for four years; the last year was spent in ICE, figuring out if he was able to stay here or not. Obviously, he wasn't able to stay, so he was deported. He called me back in June, and only a minute was spent discussing how we were and how school was going, etc, before he jumped to telling me to petition for him.

So now I'm conflicted. I've been researching what petitioning for him even means, and if he would able to come to America anyway. He has a really bad criminal record, and the reason he was imprisoned was for telephone scamming. He had an entire group and everything, and owes a LOT of money to the government. So I don't even think he'll be allowed back here.

Anyway, I could really use some advice on this whole thing. What should I do, if there's anything to do? It really sucks knowing that he won't come to my graduation, or see any other important events like that. But he really wants me to petition for him to live in America, even though most of my conversations with him have been over the phone. I love him, but I don't really trust him. What should I do?

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