K-1 Visa only option | Austria => US Are we eligible to make this visa work?

Greetings folks of Reddit!

First and foremost, to give you a clear view of how this came to be:

My and my overseas Partner, who lives in the US, have been in a relationship for about a year by now, we have been thinking about how to proceed with our relationship to the next step, and we came to the conclusion that me coming to the US would be the best move, since I can already speak english really well!

However this turned out to be a huge confusing mess that not only scares me, but got my partner to really not wanna have anything to do with this subject just yet, and only wants to go to an immigration-lawyer for a consultation, when I visit...which could take MONTHS. But I'm freaking out and I need answers...

After much research, I came to the conclusion that the only option for me to enter and stay in the US, would be a K1-Visa, since I'm not really a scientist, nor do I have any useful skills.

We are both unmarried, never had problems with the law, we plan to meet, and as soon as that is done, we wanna start the Visa process.

My problem here, my partner has lost their job in May, and I am not sure when they will have a job again. That pretty much means, even if we manage to apply next year, due to them needing to be my sponsor, the USCIS or whoever does it, will see their tax statements of 2021, and see that they earn way below poverty guidelines...and probably deny us...

My partner does not own anything, nor do they have anyone willing to be my cosponsor. They also however do not seem to have any way or drive to manage to get a job, since they live in a place where transportation is a MUST, and they live in a city in Michigan, so even if they get a job, it might not pay them enough to even get above the poverty line. So seeing how they are in such a deathloop, I do not now, nor in the future see them being my sponsor, without any miracle happening...

I would assume there is no way around this?...

Is there any suggestions you might have, that could get me to them, permanently, within hopefully the next two years? I just HOPE I might have missed something...and not have this whole relationship crumble because of...immigration laws...

If you have any questions, shoot!

Thank you!

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