Interview date cancelled by Vietnam embassy? Desperately needs help!!

Hi everyone, my dad is scheduled an interviewed date for his immigration visa on 5/11 (I’m a US citizen and petitioned for my dad) but got cancelled due to covid. US embassy in Vietnam sent us an email saying that we should go to website to look for the new appointments. I’ve been going on the websites every single day and multiple times a day to reschedule for the past 4 months but there is none available. I sent multiple inquiries to the embassy but they replied telling us to go on a website to reschedule. I desperately need him here because my sister is aging out soon, will turn 21 this Dec (no longer considered “children”) and will be moved to F2B when file petition which usually takes 6-8 years for visa to be available (F2A takes 12-15 months for visa to be available). My uncle (dad’s older brother) is diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and his condition is worsening. His last death wish is to see my dad one more last time because they are really close and haven’t seen each others over 6 years.

Please give advice what should I do in this situation. Thank you. I appreciate any advice that you may have.

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