How long should it take NVC to determine our case is "documentary complete"?

I've applied for an IR-1 (immigrant) visa for my spouse. The case is at the NVC and we've paid all fees, submitted all documents, and when I log in to the CEAC website to check the case status, every possible box says "PAID," "COMPLETED," or "ACCEPTED" (including the IV application, civil documents, affidavit of support, etc.)

From what I have read, at this point I should receive an e-mail from the NVC notifying me that the case is "documentarily complete" and that they will notify our local embassy so they can schedule an interview. However, it has been nearly 12 months since we had all our documents accepted and still no word from anyone. Is this normal? What could be happening with my case?

For reference, when I log in to CEAC it has looked basically like this since September 2020:

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