Going to U.S. on a work visa sponsored by my company, got a couple of questions

In the current state of travel bans if I go back to Europe and then I want to go back to the U.S., am I considered to be a U.S. lawful permanent resident (so I don’t have to spend 14 days in a country outside Europe)?

Does my mother and my step-brother count as immediate family or do they have to spend 14 days in a country outside of Europe if they want to come visit me?

How easy will it be for me to change company? I will be on L1 visa, so I understand this is completely tied to my employment. Suppose in a few months I want to pursue better opportunities, will it be practically impossible for other companies to sponsor my visa? Will it improve my chances if I get H1 (but for that I need the lottery right?)

Thank you in advance, based on the answers I get I will also contact some lawyers before I make any travel plans

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