Getting married to an American as a Canadian

So I’ve recently gotten engaged to my girlfriend from the states and she is absolutely the love of my life, and we both want to work towards being able to be together permanently as soon as possible. Obviously, to enter the US and live and work there I’m going to need either a K-1 or a spousal visa (can’t remember the real name on the latter, forgive me), but I have a pretty big concern about getting that.

We’re looking at going the route of the spousal visa, since you get your green card and residency and everything all at once, but my main concern is actually getting married. In short, can I enter the US as a visitor and get married so long as I return to Canada at the end of my trip? I’m worried about getting hit for visa fraud and being unable to see my fiancĂ©e.

Love to know what avenues I have to get working on a visa petition as soon as I can, I know it’s super backed up in general, with COVID not helping anything, so I really want to get started and get married. Thanks!

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