Getting married in US and applying for CR1 visa

Long story short me and my partner has been separated for 2 years due to the panini. We’ve been considering to get a proxy marriage at my country of residence (Japan) and apply for CR1 visa. But recently the US Embassy in Japan is accepting B visa again so we’re planning for me to make a trip to US at the end of this year.

We still plan for me to move to US via proper channel aka through a spousal visa, so I’m just planning for a short visit and return to Japan afterwards. Just that marriage registration in US is much simpler and less paperwork so if possible we would like to do it there, but we’re a little bit concern about the possibility of being flagged thus hinder the CR1 application later on.

Has anyone done this before? Is there any problem that you encounter at visa application? It would be super helpful to hear the experience of others. Or if this is a bad idea then please tell me too. TIA.

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