F2B visa and registered relationship in Australia

Hi everyone,

I have a few questions regarding the process of "Adjustment of Status" for visa F2B and registered relationship.

I am currently living in Australia, my partner is an alien resident (human though) living in the States as a student holding F1 visa. My partner's parents have petitioned a F2B application for my partner since 2016, her priority date is in Jan 2016 (the current Visa Bulletin for 10/2021 is SEP2015).

She has received her "Employment Authorization" work permit and been called for an interview with NVC this month. After the interview, the case officer said her application is pending approval.

So my questions are:

1/ The CO said even if it was approved today, she would only receive a green card when her priority date is due, which could take 3 months to 2 years given the current Visa Bulletin. Is this true about allocating the green cards?

2/ If her case was approved, but the green card was not yet provided, would entering a registered relationship with someone in Australia affect to her F2B application/ green card process? Note that it is not a marriage.

3/ In Australia, a registered relationship certificate is NOT considered as a legal marriage. It is issued by state governments, and is used for de factor immigration purposes where you can't apply for a legal marriage. So how would it be recognised under the US laws for F2B applicants?

Thanks for reading this thread, hope you have a good day!

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