Evidence of bonafide marriage for AOS application?

Hi all,

I was just wondering how much evidence is necessary for proving a bonafide marriage. Me and my partner met and got married pretty quickly, and although we have been living together since I came to the USA (3 months), we were travelling on a road trip across the usa for the first month and a half. We do have some bonafide evidence but I am worried it wont be enough.

We have: - a very recently opened joint bank account but it has all our money in it. - transfers of money i sent to him from my account starting from a month or two ago (because my debit card stopped working). - lots of photos - tickets to some things we attended together and hotels we stayed in while we were travelling (we also have our google maps history which pinpoints that we were in the same locations at the same time during our trip) - call logs going back to the start of our relationship in february (we have known each other for 4 years online but didnt start dating long distance/face timing until february this year) - I am on his parents car insurance because I drive their car sometimes. - receipts for gifts and stuff that I bought him and that he bought for me (before we met irl)

It kinda sounds like a lot but the things is, most of this stuff can be "faked" so I am worried it wont seem legit enough. Or the stuff that doesnt seem fake is only really recent so i am worried it just wont hold enough weight.

What will happen if that is all I can get by the time I need to submit my AOS application? I would be okay if they issued me and RFE but I just dont want outright denial of my case.

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