Been attempting to migrate or atleast travel for 5 years

Hello and greetings.

My name is Masood, from the nationality of Afghanistan but have been living in the Saudi Arabia due to the horrendous circumstances that have been going on in my country for over 50 years.

I have visited my country twice but with nowhere near the comfort level of calling it my home country due to how horrible the situation is in the country.

I live in Saudi Arabia where Afghans like us are extremely limited with resources and income and makes it very unbearable for us to survive for long, as the expenses keep getting higher it makes it extremely difficult for us to even maintain a regular life under all these barriers pressuring us.

I am 21 years old and finding jobs over here is nowhere to be found or possible due to my country's nationality known for being very poor and illiterate.

My father has been and still is currently trying his best to overcome these expenses/expenditures for over 30 years with his full-time job here but due to the constant rise of the expenses,rent,expenditure,tax rates and gas.
It makes it almost impossible in this current state to move on for the future.

I also have my brothers whose one of them has been born with a severe lung disease, he requires a full oxygen cylinder during his sleep to maintain his intake of oxygen because he has a very short breath if he tries to do any actions such as moving around or engaging in tasks.

I even attempted to try to legally go for a Denmark visa as a tourist hopefully getting a chance to possibly move out and have some assistance over there but little to no luck because of the limitations and on how terrible the Afghan passport is, I have waited for over a year for my passport just to get rejected because of the nationality.

We(My brothers) did not even manage to complete our education due to lack of income and could not proceed further with attempting to go to college or university due to the shortage of income and on how expensive the college and universities are here.

I have been living here for my entire life and still to this day we are not allowed to even be provided with a passport citizenship in the middle east and it puts us into very big barriers that we lost so many opportunities just because of not having the citizenship.

Every year the costs of renewing our I.Ds for the whole family gets more costly and all we can do is just rely on our father's income and he has not even got a single raise or commissioned to the slightest for the past 30 years he has been working on. And my father is aging where he may no longer be able to consistently work as he used to do.

I really would love for some assistance on what I could possibly do because at this age where I am I need to take over the responsibilities and staying in Saudi Arabia has not helped me one bit for the past 21 years.

Whether it could be links to sites/requirements that could be eligible, any of that I'll gladly accept it as long as it sort of help me progress on what I can do for the sake of my future and family.

I've even managed to apply for the IRCC Canada humatarian thing they offered but I missed one of the parts that I was not in which was regarding the lgbqt/Journalist/Human advocate etc. Because I have no knowledge or have experienced in any of those.

I don't really shamelessly admit to begging but I really have no choice other than looking for any country that could help me with my current situations. Even if you want to contact me further for help I do have discord aswell just for the sake of this matter:(Masood#0060)

Thank you for reading this and I hope I could get some assistance

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