Adjustment of Status (AOS) question

My wife and I are filing an I-130/I-130A and I had a question about what to choose for the pre-adjustment status. My wife is currently on OPT (F-1 visa), but was approved today for H1B status which will kick in on Oct-1st.

We are planning to submit the I-130/I-130A this week but since it takes time for it reach USCIS and for them to process it (~end of September/early October for them to send us a receipt of receiving our application), we weren't sure if having F-1 right now at the time of filing versus having H1B later at the time of green card processing/AOS, would affect how we should fill in her current Class of Admission. Would it be better to select F-1 or select H1B - which selection would give us the smoothest process?

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