A few questions about marriage visas


My husband is Japanese and we are both living in Japan. We want to go back to America so I can do my Ph.d (the intention has always been to go back). I have my driver's license, a bank account, I attend a U.S university online and I recieve a pay check from them as I work as a GA (I'll pay taxes on that for this year). I am registered as a resident at my mothers house where all my documents from the school go as well as documents from my bank. I am not registered to vote, but I intend to when I renew my drivers license here in a few days.

Is this enough to prove intent to domicile? I want to send my Ph.D acceptance letter, but I will not get that until January 2023.

We have not started any processes yet and would like to move to the U.S. around July or August 2023. Should we start the process soon?

If he does not recieve a visa prior to my school start date am I able to move first and him come later?

Oh, also my father is going to be a co-signer (i forgot the official term) for the financial portion of the application.

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