Sue an immigration company?

I would like to know if i can sue an immigration firm. My husband applied for the EB2 NIW visa and he has absolutely all the requirements for this visa, bachelor's, master's in computer science, papers, patents, 10 years of experience, many letters of recommendation from experts in the field from different countries, he already has the L1 visa which proves that the US could not find professionals with his profile……But the immigration firm is so bad that he received an RFE questioning all the 3 prongs, I believe it will be denied because after seeing some documents written by them, I realize how incompetent they are. The problem is that we spent 18 thousand dollars for a terrible service, my question is do I have a chances if I file a lawsuit against them? I would sue for incompetence even though we provided all the information needed to complete the 3 point RFE.

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