Our lawyer informed us that we had a biometrics appointment in March 2021, but they overlooked it!

We are absolutely FURIOUS. Our lawyers have successfully adjusted the status for my two in-laws, they have great ratings and are pretty well known in CA. However, I’ll admit, this process has been less than ideal. Not sure if it’s the legal clerk helping or because our law firm is being overworked. Regardless, not my problem, I paid for the services so they need to get it done correctly.

What really pisses me off is that I continuously checked in and was assured there was no movement on our case, but this week I asked them to double check our file again and lo and behold, there was an oversight with an appointment being missed

That being said:

Does this look bad on us?

Does this reset clock?

Can someone chime in because we are freaking out? Thanks.

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