Misdemeanor charges. GreenCard and immigration issues.

I came to the US in 2008 to do master's degree and working in the Bay area (California) since 2010.

In 2019, I was arrested on DV felony charges - 273.5(a) and got a plea for PC - 415(1) disturbing the Peace misdemeanor. I completed court-mandated therapy sessions and paid fines etc.

In 2020, H-1B extension went through fine without issues and got the PC - 415(1) Disturbing the Peace misdemeanor charge expunged too.

A couple of months back my green card date became current and my employer is filing paperwork and I'm terrified how the misdemeanor charges are going to haunt me.

Folks with similar charges, can you pls share your green card experience? Did they send an RFE after finding criminal charges in the background check? How was the Greencard interview?

Will there be issues during h1-b visa stamping? What happens in POE if they figure out criminal charges?

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