In the US on tourist visa: Issues crossing Canadian border and returning?

I am visiting the USA from Romania, on a tourist visa. They stamped my passport with a leave-by date nearly 6 months from now. I would love not to lose that permission.

However, I am literally a 15-minute drive from the Canadian border. I have proof of vaccination that's valid in Europe (and which they accepted at US passport control at the airport). I can easily get the negative test that Canada asks as well.

However, would I have issues returning to the USA? I would only go to Canada for day trips, maybe long weekends at most. Would I need to get a negative Covid test every time I want to return to the USA?

Also, would they invalidate the stamp on my passport that says I can stay until January 2022?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. It's just that I'm staying so close to the border, it seems like an opportunity I would like to take while I am here.

EDIT: Just FYI; Canada no longer requires a visa from Romanian travellers (under normal circumstances; I'm confused about these Covid times)

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