Helping someone out of a toxic K-1 Visa

So I met a girl about a month ago and we’ve been seeing each other pretty regularly. She’s in a toxic relationship with a husband twice her age who is kinda like a sugar daddy. He’s been married 5 times. He has kids that she takes care of. She’s 25 the kids are 12 and 13. He makes her have sex with other guys cuz that’s his kink and she wears an Apple Watch to let him listen. She said when they first met in her home country she loved him and would have sex with other guys for him occasionally. But now she says it happens way too often and she wants out. She said she doesn’t love him anymore. We sat and cried together about this and I feel for her deeply. She doesn’t want authorities involved because if he gets in trouble the kids will go to foster care because the birth mother kidnapped them in the past. The kids still go to therapy from the past trauma. She’s been married to him and had the k-1 visa for about a year and a half. Is there anyway for her to leave, keep the visa, have the husband not go to jail so the kids aren’t damaged further and to gain citizenship? Is her best option just to wait it out? She said he’s never been physically violent which is good. Is there any lawyers this subreddit would recommend in the SoCal area? She wants to gain citizenship and get a job and help her family from back home and start a family. No person deserves to go through what she’s gone through. Lawyer recommendations for a consultation are really what I’m looking for I guess. Money is not a factor I’ll spend what it takes for her to get the basic rights and freedom everyone should be entitled to and born with

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