Driving somebody else's car across the border from Canada

I am a Canadian citizen and have L-1 status in the US, and currently live in the US. My friend "S" is a Canadian citizen who lives in Vancouver with no status in the US. The two of us (and one American friend staying in the US the entire time) are looking to do a trip to Seattle for September long weekend if we can figure out a way to make it work.

I am planning to begin my journey in Canada, because I'll be there the week before for work. S can't cross into the US at the land border because he has no status in the US, so he would fly to Seattle. I can cross at the land border because I am returning home to the US. To give us more flexibility, and to cut down the cost of his return flight and the expense of renting a car for three days, I would like to drive his car to Seattle. He can then drive home to Vancouver after the weekend, and I would fly back to Texas where I live.

I know of several Canadians with L-1 status who have crossed the land border recently in their own car, or on foot, but none in somebody else's car. Any thoughts on this idea? Would calling the POE upfront give us any clarification?


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