Best advice on my K1 visa

Hi everyone,

A slightly long text ahead but I appreciate if I can get your advice on this.

I have applied for my K1 visa and my interview was in July, unfortunately I was put under administrative processing which means I will have to wait a little bit before I get a response back. Since then I've been thinking about few scenarios that I can follow:

  • I got a great job offer in Dubai which means I can save a lot. If I get my K1 visa and I go to the US to get married but then bring my wife to live with me here. Would this raise any flag? Maybe that I didnt appreciate the K visa or something? I can then apply for the CR visa from here, but im worried since I was on administrative processing before that this cause issues to me in the future.


  • Once I get the K visa I can go to the US for good and I understand I will need to wait few months before getting the EAD.

Your advice are really appreciate as I am completely lost and stressed lately.

Thank you!

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